Adam (random_vamp) wrote,

Expert advice needed: sewing machines

While I may be fairly knowledgeable about various computer, power tool, and motorcycle brands/models and their various strengths and weaknesses, I know nothing about that for sewing machines. This is relevant since I need to purchase a sewing machine in the next month or so if I'm going to have any hope of completing my Burningman projects for this year.

Since there are folks on that I believe possess the knowledge I need in this process, I figured I'd make this post. I need to purchase a sewing machine (preferably used) and it doesn't need to have any fancy options. What I do need from it is:

- sturdiness and reliability
- reasonably easy to get replacement parts, and preferably easy to make repairs myself
- can handle thick fabrics. Needs to at least handle denim, duck, and canvas. Preferably it could also handle somewhat thin (6-8oz) leather, but I know that would be asking a lot
- cost < $400

Any expert advice would be appreciated. An expert willing to help me go through craiglist adds (or go to stores that would sell used machines) would be really appreciated...
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