Adam (random_vamp) wrote,


I know its been a 6 months since my last update here, but I haven't been paying too much attention to LJ these days and you're not going to get a real update now either, besides that things continue to go reasonably well with my life.

Instead I'm just popping in to post my location at Burningman this year. princessdiablo will be with me again this year, as well as dellamorta, katieboyd, and drspooky for their first times. We'll once again be camped with Lahontan Korps within Gigsville, which this year will be on the Esplanade at 2:30. To find out camp, located Gigsville's gate at around 2:40 on the Esplanade, walk back to the CarBQ and look for the gigantic camouflage shade structure.

If you're going, feel free to post your location and I'll come visit if I can find you...
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