Serpent and Me (BM 2006)

House work

I still won't be posting here much, not that I ever did, but since my life recently has been mostly consumed with house work I figured I'd post a link to the blog we're keeping for our house "remodeling" projects (the blog is mostly for keeping our parents informed):
Me at BM 2

The anual Burningman post

If anyone is interested in coming to visit out on the playa, I'll once again be camping with Gigsville although this year I've broken off from Lahontan Korps in order to start putting together a new camp which is named Fabulous Disaster this year.

Gigsville is located in the double block on 4:00 between D and F. Our camp should be on the east side of the CarBBQ circle (ie look for the burnt out suburban). I'm not quite sure what the camp will actually look like from the front, but I'm sure it will be easy to figure out which one we are.
Gir with squid

Death Guild CDs?

I know, I know, I don't post anything about my life ever. This is no exception.

I failed to get VIP tickets this year to the Death Guild anniversary night, and thus did not come home with the compilation CDs for the first time since I started going. Did anyone on here get them, and if so would you be willing to lend them to me long enough to rip them?
Gir with squid

Once again, looking for a roommate

Well, after two months the new roommate is moving out. Apparently his budget can't really handle what I'm charging and a room in a friend's house recently opened up.

So, if anyone knows of someone looking for a room in SF starting in January please let me know. The major restrictions are that rent+utilities is going to be around $950/month, there are no uncaged pets allowed, and theres not much space for non-bedroom furniture.
Me at BM 2

I'm in need of a new roommate

My current housemate is moving out at the end of this month and thus I'm looking for a new one to start in November. I'm renting out the second bedroom in my place in the Lower Haight, the rent plus utilities will be $950/month. if you (or anyone you know) is interested you can view the full details here.
Me at BM 2


I know its been a 6 months since my last update here, but I haven't been paying too much attention to LJ these days and you're not going to get a real update now either, besides that things continue to go reasonably well with my life.

Instead I'm just popping in to post my location at Burningman this year. princessdiablo will be with me again this year, as well as dellamorta, katieboyd, and drspooky for their first times. We'll once again be camped with Lahontan Korps within Gigsville, which this year will be on the Esplanade at 2:30. To find out camp, located Gigsville's gate at around 2:40 on the Esplanade, walk back to the CarBQ and look for the gigantic camouflage shade structure.

If you're going, feel free to post your location and I'll come visit if I can find you...
Serpent and Me (BM 2006)

Almost home...

I've been traveling for 24 days now (LA->Pittsburgh->Floyd->Pittsburgh->Miami->Caribbean cruise->Miami) and will finally be getting home around midnight tonight. I'm definitely ready to be home in my own bed with all my stuff, but perhaps not yet ready to go back to the standard work schedule.

Anyway, this is also your notice that I haven't ready much of Livejournal since Christmas and probably won't be catching up on that much backlog, so if anything important has happened in your lives I most likely don't know about it...
Me at BM 2

A quick life update

I think I may try to write a substantial update later tonight (no promises), but here are the bullet points:
* two red-eyes flights in the last week
* spent Thanksgiving week in Miami Beach with princessdiablo
* am now in Belfast for 10 days for "work"