Adam (random_vamp) wrote,

Watch woes

If most of you saw me today, you would notice nothing unusual unless you watched me for a while, in which case you would catch me repeatedly attempting to check the time on a wrist with no watch. I like my sports watches, and have been switching between various Timex Ironman style watches for the last decade. While the watches themselves have proven to stand up to the physical trauma that my life exerts on them, the bands do not last that well. Of the previous two I had the older one is still running just fine, but its doing so stuck to my motorcycle (and thus living outside) with an elastic band. The one after that was the only one I've managed to actually harm by means of a street hockey incident in which it acted as body armor.

My current one is less than two years old, but around two months ago the little sliding rectangle used to secure the excess band broke off, and yesterday I noticed that the main band was splitting. This wouldn't suck all that much, except that decent replacement bands don't seem to fit on these watches, and I've never been able to find actual replacement bands. Thus, I am annoyed, and timeless.
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