Adam (random_vamp) wrote,

Looking for a housemate

Well, I'm ready to start my looking for someone to rent the other bedroom in my apartment. If you're looking for a place or know someone that is feel free to contact me. I'm not in a big rush but would like to have someone lined up to move in by the end of May. I've put a full (ie overly long) writeup at but here are the quick details:

- Rent is $730/month + utilities (~$60-100/month depending on usage)
- Move in cost is first months rent and an equal deposit
- Rent is for one unfurnished bedroom (~10x12 plus closet), the house is otherwise fully equipped
- The house is a ~850sqft 2BR/1BA townhouse in the lower Haight with a private yard
- No non-caged pets
- Street parking only

(The rent may be slightly negotiable for a suitably compatible roommate)
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