Adam (random_vamp) wrote,

Burning Man placement...

As the theme camp placements have all been announced its time to post my location and attempt to get on-playa camping locations for those that know them.

I'm camping with the Lahontan Korps in Gigsville again this year. Gigsville is occupying most of the double block from 3:30 to 4:00 and between C and E. Lahontan is going to be at approximately C and 3:45.

Gigsville should be relatively easy to locate, particularly at night as we'll once again have the Uberman to guide drunks home. Lahontan will be the giant camouflage structure adjacent to the Uberman.

So if you know where you're going to be this year feel free to post your location and arrival day and I'll attempt to swing by at some point
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