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random_vamp's Journal

22 February 1977
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I suck at describing myself, thus I'll stick to the facts.

1) Age

I'm now 25 for the fourth time and still well stuck in my pubescent quarter-life crisis.

2) Occupation and education

I'm a Software engineer, currently working for 3PARdata in Fremont, CA. I have a BS in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon, and a MS in the same from Stanford. In an ideal world I'd be writing graphical rendering software, but I was pigeonholed into the storage industry my working for the Parallel Data Lab as an undergrad, and am now tied by golden handcuffs to my current job, at least for the next year or so.

3) Birthplace and youth

I spent the first ~18 years of my life in Floyd Virginia, which is located in the Blue Ridge range of the Appalachian mountains. I grew up on a farm, 8 miles from the town of Floyd (population ~600) and 35 miles from the nearest "city" of Christiansburg.

4) Long term plans

I intend to be financially well off by 30 and own my own tropical island by 35. Alternately, I will be supreme dictator of the world.